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Of course you want to enjoy your nylon stockings or tights that you can buy in our online bee fashion and lingerie webshop for as long as possible. With the following tips you can extend the lifespan of the legwear and increase comfort. You can also find more useful information about nylon stockings, lingerie and more in the Stockings To Go blog.

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Wear gloves


Perhaps the most important tip is to wear gloves when putting on your stockings and legwear. This prevents a small imperfection on your nail or hands from causing damage or damage to your stockings. These gloves are of course also available in the Stockings To Go legwear webshop.
Furthermore, make sure that your toenails are not too long and always use a nail file after cutting them.

Putting on real fully fashioned seam stockings
Putting on and attaching your real fully fashioned nylon stockings takes some practice. First, roll up the stocking and grasp the stocking with your left and right thumb. Place your foot in a stocking and slowly pull the stocking over your leg. Make sure it remains 'tight'. You can check whether the seam remains straight by sliding your middle finger over the seam as it goes up. When you reach the top, first fasten the rear suspender, with both arms (1 left and 1 right) around your leg. It may help to sit on the edge of your bed. After this you can attach the remaining suspenders. Never attach a clip to the hole at the back of the stocking, but only to the 'double' material.

Putting on nylon stockings

Wearing stockings is and remains a custom job
The size of your stockings is very important for comfortable wearing and a long lifespan. Stockings that require additional stretching are fragile and there is a high risk of ladders the first time you put them on. There is no one size fits all, not even in the case of modern nylon stockings with lycra. We only have legwear brands that are based on this and, for example, have a sizing system with at least 4 different sizes per model.

Extend the life of your Hold Up (self-supporting) stockings
Over time, the cuff of your Hold-Up stockings (or self-supporting stockings) may lose some of their grip on your legs. This can easily be remedied by spreading a little dishwashing liquid over the silicone on the inside of the collar. This way you can enjoy your purchase for even longer. Do not apply creams or talcum powder to your thighs as this reduces the adhesive properties and increases the risk of sagging.

Keep the packaging
Keep your legwear in the original packaging as much as possible. This way you can quickly find the right stockings or tights and you always know which size or fit of legwear you like best.

Stretching lycra legwear
Lightly stretch your nylon stockings, pantyhose or legwear with Lycra before putting them on. This allows you to distribute them more evenly over the legs and gives them an even more beautiful appearance.

Wearing and putting on pantyhose
The longevity of pantyhose starts from the moment you open the package until the day they are worn out.
1. The weave of the tights is very fine and subtle. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your hands are smooth and not to burden the tights with nails or rings. Many women therefore wear gloves when putting them on to prevent damage.

Putting on tights

2. It is recommended to take the tights together per leg, insert the foot into the toe end and then gradually tighten up through the heel. Also stretch the material slightly under tension.
3. Carefully pull the tights up to the knee and continue the action up to the crotch. Repeat this for the other leg and then put on the slip part.

Also treat the tights with care when taking them off after a day of wearing pleasure!

Washing instructions
After wearing your stockings for a day, it is best to wash them in lukewarm water with a non-synthetic detergent. Rinse the stockings well to remove the soap residue. Absolutely do not wring out your stockings and it is best to let them dry flat on a towel, for example. When washing in a washing machine, the use of a laundry bag is always recommended.

No bleach
Do not dry
Do not iron
Not in the drum
Hand wash Max. 30ºC Do not use bleach Do not put in the dryer Do not iron Not to the dry cleaners
Hand wash only max. 30ºC Don't bleach Do not tumble dry Don't iron Do not dry clean



Transparent nail polish

Do you have a beginner ladder in your nylons? Then apply a little clear nail polish to both ends.
And in case things do go wrong, it is important to always have a spare pair of nylon stockings or tights with you for important events, such as a wedding. In an emergency, they can be quickly removed from the bag and changed.

The suspender belt, essential for comfortable wearing of stockings
A good suspender belt has at least 6 suspender straps, less is certainly not recommended. It is best to wear real stockings as high as possible with suspenders that are not too long. If you choose metal clips, you certainly don't have to worry about them coming loose.
In short: don't buy cheap sets from an erotic shop, but give real stockings a fair chance.
Finally: many women initially wonder about the panties. It is best to wear them over the belt, this prevents a lot of hassle and so you only have to put on your stockings once a day. However, many advertising photos want to show the seat belt and give you the wrong example.

Fully fashioned nylon stockings and the heel choice

Nylon stockings

The choice of heel for your real nylon stockings is mainly determined by your own feeling and the occasion on which you wear them. The two most common types are the Point heel and the Cuban heel. Here too, we give you guidelines, but feel free to combine differently!
Stockings with a point heel are very suitable to wear with stiletto heels to create a kind of mirror image. The point of the stocking points upwards and that of the heel points downwards. When looking at the (lower) leg, this gives a lengthening effect and extra appearance.

The second variant is the 'Cuban heel'. This was very popular from around 1930 to 1960 and combines well with a slightly wider or heavier shoe heel. This is a classic variant but certainly no less elegant. In addition to this 'Cuban heel', there is also the 'Havana heel' which is wider.

Real nylon stockings are made to the shape and size of your foot and leg, so fit is very important! In the past, the size of the stocking was determined by your foot size and leg length. Thus, there was a size system with double standards.
Because this is no longer feasible nowadays due to reduced sales, there are only 'few' sizes left. When determining your correct size, you will simply have to try it out in the beginning and possibly take a larger or smaller size. However, once you have found your size, this will pay for itself in great wearing comfort!

More useful information about nylon stockings, hosiery, lingerie and more can be found in the Stockings To Go blog .